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“The principal pleasure of the evening: Mordecon. Mordecon is portrayed by Joshua Spafford, the play's director, who brings to his role a mania, mordancy and merriment unseen since the death of Raul Julia.”   

-The New York Times, Midnight Brainwash Revival


“The unquestionable standout of the cast is Joshua Spafford, who imbues his Benedict Arnold with all the layers one would have every right to expect from a Shakespearean (or Greek) tragic figure.”

-Talking Broadway, The American Revolution


“The cast is studded with comic gold, especially Joshua Spafford as the hunky Aethlbert”

-The Village Voice, Don Flagrante Delicto


“About Joshua Spafford-His whole presence is propelled by an intense and sensitive passion. The clarity of his voice erases any guesswork”

-Pulitzer Prize Winner Yusef Komunyakaa, 


“Joshua Spafford’s Henry V was entertaining, flawless, interesting, well-shaded and nuanced,…just extraordinary”

-Chris Sanderson, Yale School of Drama from his book Gorilla Theater


“There’s a reason I cast Joshua Spafford in the lead roles of many of my plays. He is an utterly unique presence on stage – powerful, tender, smart, wild and totally human. Josh is perhaps the most embodied actor I know”

-Kirk Wood Bromley, Playwright and Artistic Director of Inverse Theater


Can anyone arch a brow as prodiously as Joshua Spafford? Spafford is a freewheeling Force of Nature.

Martin Denton,

"Having worked with Joshua directly I can say he is a man of integrity and vision. He is not bound by the ordinary or mundane. In fact he his creativity exists both within and without the proverbial "box" and is inspiring to many, myself included”- Barney Burman 

Academy Award Winner Barney Burman


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